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Guided tours & Snorkeling

"Unforgetable excursions and landscapes"


It's a "cruise" that lasts 2 hours with 3 stops* of about 20 minutes, to snorkel or simply relax and admire the most beautiful and natural coves of the Isola del Giglio. With this proposal you can visit:


Island Tour:

Get on board we'll let you discover the most beautiful coves of the Isola del Giglio, where you can admire the breathtaking seabeds and touch the uncontaminated nature of these places. These services will be active from JUNE 20th

*The stops will be agreed at your leisure on board with the commander, who will advise you on the sites with the most favorable weather conditions

Guided tours & Snorkeling

The Giglio Island is recognized as one of the most beautiful place in Italy. Tourists from all over the world are admiring for the beauty of its typically Mediterranean coast and its crystal clear water. There is only one way for see this incredible beauty-visit this place.
During the excursion with our sailors you can visit each corner of large coastline of Giglio Island. While our voyage you will be able to make a halt anywhere. Swimming, scuba diving or just sightseeing at any place you want are not a dream for you anymore. Of course, everything should be discussed beforehand
Actually there are many coves that you can visit. We can accompany you up to wonderful place, where you will enjoy the most beautiful sea and, by the way, you can snookering, admiring stunning bottom. Among swimming and entertainment of our skilled and friendly sailors, who will not only accompany you to the coves, beaches, caves, and anything else, they will try to give you positive emotions, a festive and friendly atmosphere where each member of crew will be satisfied about choice of our service.
The departure shall be done at achievement of the complete number of the crew on booking, call the manager to know when there will be availability or to get on the list.

"More than a tour of the island is an experience.
To bring the idea to reality - you should try it. "

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can be in the board?

All the our boats are approved to accommodate maximum 8 persons. In the case of rent with driver, beach taxi, during transfer our guide must be included in the number of the passengers.

It's better book boat or directly rent at the marina ?

Especially in June, July and August the demand for boats is very high and therefore limited availability, we recommend to you book your boat online. Also, if you book through our online system you can choose in advance the boat which you prefer, lock in the period, and have a discount.

Are the boats provided with safety system?

Absolutely YES, all our boats are equipped with all safety systems (lifebuoys, signaling rockets, etc ..) comply with the law and board insurance.

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